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The Hermitage Golf Club provides the golfer with a truly unique and memorable experience, where each of the 18 holes provides its own individual characteristics and charm to the golfing experience.  Please see a full 18 hole description of this Desmond Muirhead designed layout below.

Hole Descriptions

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 1The straight-away opening hole par-4 plays much harder than it looks due to the out of bounds on the left and trees on the right. The smart play is a fairway wood or hybrid off the tee, leaving a short to mid-iron into the green.

Par: 4
Blue: 369
White: 348
Gold: 369
Red: 321

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 2The number one handicap hole on the course is a straight-away par-4 with trouble on the left and right that places a premium on accuracy off the tee. Manage your game smartly off the tee and you will set yourself up for success. Walk away with par here and you’ll be gaining a stroke on the field.

Par: 4
Blue: 405
White: 389
Gold: 405
Red: 327

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 3A wide dogleg left par-5 lets you be able to hit your driver but don’t get greedy by cutting the left corner too much, as you’ll bring out of bounds into play. A true birdie opportunity for the longer hitter but a premium lay up shot and approach shot into a heavy guarded green for the average golfer.

Par: 5
Blue: 487
White: 460
Gold: 487
Red: 375

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 4The first par-3 of the front nine will require a long iron for most players to reach this uphill large green complex. A well positioned tee shot under the hole is rewarded with an uphill putt that is situated on a severely back-to-front sloped green.

Par: 3
Blue: 195
White: 181
Gold: 195
Red: 148

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 5A nice gradual downhill par-4 with the Green Mountains in the background will play less than driver for most golfers as trees may come into play with an errant tee shot.  A receptive green will move the ball right-to-left, making the approach shot not as simple as it may seem from the fairway.

Par: 4
Blue: 361
White: 347
Gold: 361
Red: 311

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 6A short, uphill par-4 that may be one of the most challenging holes on the course. A well placed tee shot will leave you with a short wedge shot into a green that slopes dramatically from back to front.  Leave yourself an uphill putt to secure yourself a 2 putt par.

Par: 4
Blue: 310
White: 291
Gold: 310
Red: 272

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 7This par-3, has a water hazard that runs the entire left side of the hole and comes into play more than it appears due to the natural slope of the land. Play to the right side of the green and watch your ball nestle up next to the hole on a middle pin position.

Par: 3
Blue: 194
White: 166
Gold: 194
Red: 138

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 8The last par-5 on the front nine is a dogleg right off the tee ground.  The second shot will require to think about either going for the green in two or placing your second shot to your favorite approach wedge, bearing in mind hazards are situated on the left and right of the rough line. The players who risk going for the green in two and are successful will be rewarded with a good chance for a birdie, but those that hit an errant shot will be looking at bogey.

Par: 5
Blue: 529
White: 505
Gold: 529
Red: 439

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 9A straight-away, uphill par-4 that brings you back to the clubhouse. Favor the left off the tee, as the fairway slopes from left to right. Once you get to the green, you can finally relax on one of the course’s flattest greens.

Par: 4
Blue: 413
White: 380
Gold: 413
Red: 354 (Par 5)

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 10A average length uphill par-4 awaits you at the 10th. Trees on the left and condos on the right make the hole appear narrower than it seems.  On your approach be sure to take enough club as the green rests on one of the highest elevation points on the entire property.

Par: 4
Blue: 349
White: 328
Gold: 307
Red: 307

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 11This downhill par-5 might be one of the most picturesque holes in Deerfield Valley. The severely sloping fairway has a generous landing area which will entice longer hitters to go for it in two.  The second shot is framed with carefully positioned bunkers and a large green to match incoming approach shots.

Par: 5
Blue: 533
White: 509
Gold: 440
Red: 440

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 12A tough driving hole requiring an accurate tee shot will be needed to navigate out of bounds on the left and trees on the right.  Once safely on the fairway, you are rewarded with a simple shot into the green. Just choose the right approach shot, as the green is much deeper in length than appears from the fairway.

Par: 4
Blue: 364
White: 352
Gold: 294
Red: 294

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 13A simple par-3 that tempts you to go for the pin, but be weary of the bunker on the right and two trees that guard the left side of the green.

Par: 3
Blue: 178
White: 160
Gold: 120
Red: 120

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 14This dramatic and demanding par-5 leaves little room for mistakes. The hole is framed by a large water hazard that runs along most of the entire left side and woods on the right.  The second shot requires the most attention to the golfer as they have to navigate a narrow landing area. Position safely away from the water hazard on your second shot and you are faced with a manageable approach shot to the green.

Par: 5
Blue: 539
White: 516
Gold: 418
Red: 418

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 15A slight dogleg left par-4 with a little room off the tee.  Pay attention to the hole location on this two-tiered green as it will provide you a birdie opportunity from below the hole.

Par: 4
Blue: 374
White: 343
Gold: 315
Red: 315

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 16The par-3 16th showcases the beauty that is Haystack Mountain.  However don’t be mislead by its beauty as swirling winds off the mountain make club selection hard at times.

Par: 3
Blue: 177
White: 165
Gold: 137
Red: 137

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 17A nice gradual uphill par-4 with some room off the tee sets up for a demanding approach shot.  The green is elevated with well positioned bunkers up front and a green complex that requires you to hit the correct two-tiered level.  Hit a good approach on the right level of this green and you might be rewarded with birdie.

Par: 4
Blue: 323
White: 301
Gold: 279
Red: 279

Hermitage Golf Club Hole 18A demanding straight-away uphill finishing hole requires the golfers best tee shot of the day, as it needs to be long and accurate to reach this long par-4 in two.  Once positioned in the fairway the approach is very generous to the golfer as the green has a wide closely mown area fronting the green. Once on the putting surface birdie becomes a reality to finish a great day of golf at The Hermitage Golf Club.

Par: 4
Blue: 449
White: 423
Gold: 401
Red: 401 (Par 5)